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The Accelerationists: The Chinese Kids Who Plan to Blow Up the Party by Egging It On

As the Communist Party of China (CPC) approaches its 100th birthday next year, it was hoping for a quiet 2020 to prepare the ground. Instead, it got the coronavirus. Compound that with epic floods, skyrocketing food prices, the mass withdrawal of foreign investors, and the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” on Chinese technology firms, and 2020 has turned positively febrile. Meanwhile, language protests have broken out in Inner Mongolia, and Hong Kong is in a virtual revolt.

Inevitably, the Party’s response to these challenges has been repression reinforced with more repression. And if they couldn’t repress quickly enough already, the Party now has some unlikely allies: a loose collective of anonymous geeks and gamers who call themselves the accelerationists. Convinced that the Party is pushing China to hell in a handbasket, they want to help pull it along.

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