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Should we reduce the corporate income tax?

The government needs money to run, and we have to tax someone - either individuals or corporations. Put simple, it's people versus corporations.

Federal workers should not have to pay for the Social Security tax cuts

Social Security taxes are some of the most unfair in America. Now its the federal workers being targeted. Their pay has already been frozen for 2011 and 2012, however Congress plans to cut government contributions to federal worker retirement plans.

U.S. income distribution: Just how unequal?

With inequality now a front-page issue, the stats that measure inequality have taken on a new importance. And no inequality stat has a longer pedigree - or more confusion surrounding it - than the ‘Gini coefficient.’

The real Social Security crisis

It may be difficult to face facts in an election year, but the fact is that Social Security retirement benefits are just too low.

To grow the realonomy, tax and spend

It’s time to tax and spend our way out of the recession. Tax and spend - these three words are now the key to economic recovery in America’s Realonomy.

As the plutonomy powers ahead, the “realonomy” remains in recession

It's only the Plutonomy that's growing like crazy while the Realonomy has been in recession since 1999. It's government's job to redirect some of that growth to the other 99 percent.

Outrageous bonuses for federal workers

Federal workers live in the Realonomy with the rest of us, not in the Plutonomy of the bankers and executives. How outrageous are the bonuses for federal workers really?

UK panel: Executive compensation is a “market failure”

The "skills premium argument" suggests that executives tend to be highly intelligent and highly skilled. It's just a coincidence that they believe that their own high salaries are the inevitable result. However, it has turned out that this argument is wrong and that top pay is a symptom of market failure.