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Post-reform China may look a lot like pre-reform China, but with better managed companies and more than a few new billionaires. READ MORE

March 24, 2016

China’s “moderately prosperous society” must be grounded in fiscal reality. READ MORE

March 5, 2016

Russia and China have been locked in a contest for control over the Asian interior for almost four centuries. READ MORE

February 25, 2016

The Chinese government should come clean about its economic record. READ MORE

February 19, 2016

China’s economy is slowing. But is it still growing? READ MORE

January 31, 2016

Hung captures the zeitgeist of the moment, the pervasive feeling that China must change course to continue to grow. If the zeitgeist turns out to be wrong, it won’t be his fault. READ MORE

January 25, 2016

A rising “Chinese School” of international relations may have more to say about the United States than about China itself. READ MORE

January 14, 2016

At least since 1945 major powers have mutually acquiesced in each others’ settling of the internal affairs of their respective client states, and since 1991 the United States has exercised a near-global authority to settle the internal affairs of nearly all nominally sovereign states. This post-Westphalian system closely resembles the imperial Chinese system of tianxia: “all under heaven.” The emerging liberal, universal, homogeneous state is not the United States per se, but the American tianxia writ large to cover the entire world. READ MORE

January 14, 2016