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When it comes to containing Russian or other revisionist ambitions in the region, the United States is likely to find it more productive to partner directly with the countries that are most threatened than to use NATO as its exclusive tool for getting the job done. READ MORE

March 20, 2018

Xi Jinping is trying to bring rule of law to China — without all the fuss of personal freedoms or multiparty democracy. READ MORE

March 14, 2018

India, with 530 million smartphone users (and growing), is emerging as a key battleground for Amazon and Netflix in their competition to capture the world’s streaming video market. READ MORE

March 14, 2018

Just how a Singaporean takeover of an American company impairs the national security of the United States was not spelled out. Though Singapore is not technically a U.S. treaty ally, the security relationship between the two is about as close as you can get without an alliance. READ MORE

March 13, 2018

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has offered to bargain away his nuclear weapons program in exchange for lasting peace. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t have one. READ MORE

March 13, 2018

Xi Jinping now has the green light to remain in office as China’s President past 2023, but the real question is: what will this mean for China’s Communist Party? READ MORE

March 11, 2018

What makes a battleship a battleship isn’t the big guns. It’s the thick armor. And armor may soon be more important than ever. READ MORE

March 8, 2018

With nearly one in every 50 autos sold in China last year an electric car, and nearly one in 20 trucks and busses, China is well on its way to an all-electric future. READ MORE

March 6, 2018