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Australian Universities Treating Overseas Students As Cash Cows

Australia's universities have become dangerously dependent on overseas students whom they treat as cash cows.

Australian Universities Can’t Rely On India If Funds From Chinese Students Start To Fall

Australian universities need to take steps to reduce their over-reliance on international students for sources of funding, and within that revenue stream, to reduce the reliance on one or two source countries.

Australia’s Content Laws Are Just So … European

You can’t succeed in the internet economy by regulating it.

Trump Doubles Down On The China Trade War

If 1989 was the historical moment to squeeze the Soviet Union, then 2019 is the historical moment to squeeze China.

Four Ponies Of The Apocalypse

Trump may be offensive, but he’s no racist.

Indigenous Voice?

Just send the bill to Boris.

Get The Society Right, And The Economy Will Follow

Poland could learn a lot from South Korea.

Sztuka Naśladownictwa

Najprostsza droga do utrzymania wzrostu gospodarczego dla krajów o średnich dochodach, takich jak polska, brzmi: „róbcie to, co robią inni, a nie to, co mówią, żebyście robili”.