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Forget the so-called “Thucydides Trap.” China is not going to overtake the United States in this century. It may, however, overtake Europe. READ MORE

April 10, 2017

Confucius is synonymous with Brand China, but can the Chinese government live up to the wisdom of Confucius? READ MORE

March 31, 2017

China plans a 7 percent boost to military spending in 2017. Even that may be more than it can afford. READ MORE

March 7, 2017

With a rapidly ageing population, catastrophic air pollution, and declining state industries, China’s leaders have enough on their agenda already. War with the US, even if it’s only a spending war, is surely the last thing they need. READ MORE

March 6, 2017

China wants people to care for the environment, one person at a time. READ MORE

February 20, 2017

As Trump showed throughout the 2016 presidential campaign season, he is not afraid to let things crash and burn. The Australia refugee deal may become the latest casualty of Trump’s thin skin. READ MORE

February 7, 2017

Trump wants a weaker dollar. China wants a stronger yuan. Will they make a deal? READ MORE

January 22, 2017

Today the United States is truly the central state (zhongguo) of the global system. China has a name for that too: tianxia (“all under heaven”). The US dollar is not merely the currency of the central state. It is the currency of the American tianxia. READ MORE

December 29, 2016