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Les États Unis Will Always Be A Foreign Country To Macron

On the ‘nation’ versus the ‘people’.

The Rule Of Lawyers

The law must not be used to thwart the popular will.

It’s Time For Higher Education’s Original Snowflakes To Grow Up

Australian university administrators have created a generation just as fragile as America’s brittle Trumpophobes.

We Should Let Chinese Students Have Their Voice

Australians might benefit from listening more, too.

If Australia Wants Collective Defense, Then It Should Get Its Own Navy In Ship...

China’s rise and rearmament has introduced a security schizophrenia into Australian politics. This is what lawmakers can do to address their fears of a Beijing invasion.

Will Trump Break The Yuan?

The trade war has ended in a stalemate. The currency war has just begun.

Universities Help International Students Bypass Admissions Test — For A Fee

Universities' addiction to Chinese student money does not end with foundation programs, but it starts there.

Unis’ Chinese ‘Cash Cows’

Australian universities, and particularly the seven leading universities spotlighted in our report, should act now to mitigate the risk of a sudden revenue collapse by raising admissions standards and reducing international student enrollments.