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Sydney Uni Sounds Death Knell For Prestige Educational Program

A quick deal will get the job done. But why bother? A decade from now, it will be just one more phantom degree in the catalogue of cancelled programs. RIP Western civ.

The Aircraft Carrier Isn’t Obsolete Just Yet

America's aircraft carriers are no longer intended for use in naval warfare. They're designed to give the President the power to take control of a substantial chunk of the surface of the Earth and put it to use in the national interest of the United States.

Road To Nowhere: China’s Big Foreign Policy Initiative Is Flailing

The Belt and Road Initiative is a public relations ploy, consisting mainly of repackaged, previously announced projects, many of them on hold or years behind schedule.

It’s Not Racist; It’s Politics: The Treatment Of Chinese Students And MP Gladys Liu

Call it unfair, call it a beat-up, call it a witch hunt. But don't call it racist.

The Adults At Our Universities Should Know Better

With the full support of many of their teachers, headmasters and principals, children (and recent-but-no-longer children) around the country are being urged to take the day off school to save the planet by “sacrificing our educations to save our futures from dangerous climate change,” as the strike website puts it.

China’s Accidental Belt And Road Turns Six

The initiative that almost wasn’t, still isn’t.

How Many International Students Are Too Many?

Measured on a per capita basis, Australia now hosts more international students than any other major country in the world.

Book Review: “The Land Question In China: Agrarian Capitalism, Industrious Revolution, And East Asian...

As China’s four decades of export-fueled economic growth come to an end, access to land might become a crucial safety net for millions of demobilized factory workers with nowhere else to go.